«Lyceum for Kids»

Active day is at the heart of children's learning. Kids need time to explore, grow physically, experience the world around them and understand it at their own pace. The main goal of our programs is to help children learn their identity through interactive play classes conducted in Russian. Our program is based on a child-centered, anti-bias approach. It blends emerging curriculum and active learning using developmentally appropriate learning techniques.

"Lyceum for Kids" offers individual approach to each child's learning needs, homelike atmosphere, security, home cooked meals and spacious classrooms. We add to this a lot of love and caring which help every child build positive self-esteem and learn how to use peaceful resolutions in problem solving.

The most important communication between parents and teachers happens each day during conversations at drop-off and pick-up times. Parent notices are posted at each group to keep you informed about a variety of things from day to day. Parents may drop in to visit their child at any time, and are welcome to telephone directly to the facility for information about their child. We never forget that YOU are the most important person in your child's life!

Come visit us or call us to see for yourself!

Holiday Schedule

"Lyceum for Kids" is closed on the following holidays: Christmas Day, December 31, January 1, Presidents' Day, the Friday before Memorial Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and 2 days of Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday).